PPC Audit services

Done-for-you service

Managing a PPC campaign can be daunting. For some, it looks like overly specialized work, something a normal human could never fully accomplish. For others, it can be a waste of time that could be more useful for strategy and business plans. In either case, managing digital ads will require considerable effort, with no guarantees for the outcome.

If you are not sure if your actions are performing at their full potential, your best option is to trust a PPC audit expert and have everything checked.

With many years in the business, we are fully capacitated to provide you with knowledgeable advice and personalized support.

Our audits have already made a difference to many clients, either companies or non-profits. They were able to reroute operations and unlock unique opportunities across networks, like Google and Microsoft Bing. You can also drive results by embracing true digital transformation.

  • Conversion tracking
  • Location and language targeting
  • Quality score
  • ROI and use of budgets
  • Share of voice
  • Automation
  • Post-call audit

We assess your conversion tracking to improve performance.

Conversion tracking is crucial to your company or organization. You make many critical decisions based on lead generation forms, calls to your store, online purchases, and more. That means your ad campaigns will be as efficient as your understanding of how people interact with them. During our PPC audit, we’ll assess your conversion tracking and provide leads to drive valuable actions from customers, helping you leverage this information to build stronger campaigns in the future.

We help you fine-tune your ads targeting.

Do you know which locations provide you with the best cost per acquisition? And what if native English speakers receive your ads in Spanish? Our PPC audit shows you how to hit the right spots. By fine-tuning your targeting, you’ll speak your audience’s language and reach them wherever they are, be it a state, city, or neighbourhood. Besides, you’ll ensure to deliver your ads to the right devices (mobile or desktop). We’ll assist you in improving ROI by providing the best service.

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We spot opportunities to boost visibility and reduce cost.

Quality Score is a Google Ads tool that provides a 1-10 scale for your keyword performance. It is critical for your campaigns: the higher the score, the more impressions your ads get. It also lowers your average cost per click and drives more relevant traffic. Our PPC audit will pinpoint where to up your Quality Score, like landing page experience, ad relevance, and expected click rates. We’ll identify where to improve, spotting low hanging fruits and boosting your ads’ value.

We look into your budget leaks to improve ROI.

When it comes to your budget, you must make sure your spending is aligned with your past (meaning your results) and your future (your organization’s goals). If you feel lost money-wise, not knowing if your budget is being spent correctly, don’t worry. With our experience in PPC audits, we will look into your past actions and current goals, redirecting budget priorities and stopping eventual money leaks. Our audit will provide insights to maximize results and drive optimal ROI.

We use Share of Voice to assess your reach.

Share of Voice is the metric that compares your share in the ad environment (including digital ads) against competitors in your industry. To know where you stand, trust your experts. We will leverage Share of Voice to point out improvement opportunities. We’ll show you how to increase your share where returns are good and lower your budget where they are not great. Through our PPC audit, you will know where to optimize, cutting through the noise and driving actual results.

We show you how automation drives scalability.

No digital ads can be fully efficient without automation. The main reason is the insurmountable amount of data to be managed. If you grab all your automation opportunities, you can unlock serious scalability, going way beyond what human-only management could reach. Our PPC audit will show you how digital maturity drives critical results. We will present you with tools that do all the hard work while your humans focus on strategy. The automation age is here: it’s time to dive in.

We present all our insights in a post-audit call.

Now that our PPC audit is finished, it’s time for our personalized support to make the difference. We will book you for a 1-hour video call, so we can go through all our findings and present the paths to implement new actions. We make this presentation as palatable as possible, so you don’t feel lost amidst numbers and technical jargon. Remember: we are here for you.

PPC Audit services pricing

Price includes up to 10 hours of PPC auditing work

PPC Audit

  • Price per channel. Examples of channels: Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads.
  • 14-day turnaround (once access is given).
  • In the customer portal, you can view your billing history, download receipts and update credit card details.
  • If you want to be billed in another currency than CAD (Canadian dollar), send us an e-mail once your order is confirmed. Available currencies: AUD, BRL, EUR, GBP, USD and ZAR.
  • Payments can only be made online, through credit cards.

PPC audit F.A.Q

Do you use any tool for your PPC audit?

We’re big fans of automation. We try to automate our tasks when it makes sense. For example: counting how many ads need to be changed, checking whether you turned on some features, etc. We love automation because it saves us time to focus on high-value tasks. Rest assured, once the automated checks are done, we always check if the results make sense or not.
That said, we know that many of the most sensitive areas in a PPC audit must be done by a human. For example, check if your landing pages are aligned with your ads, find opportunities to scale your account in the same network or others or spot emerging market trends.
To sum up, a mature PPC audit agency knows which tasks the machine has to serve the professionals to do a faster and more precise job and which tasks the human touch is (still) irreplaceable.

What's your PPC audit methodology?

For each type of account, we use a different approach. For example, search campaigns are complex and need an in-depth analysis of keywords, search queries, ads and landing pages. Display campaigns need a careful analysis of targeting and messaging because context is everything. And the list goes on for the multiple types of PPC campaigns.

How important is a PPC audit for my company?

Having managed multiple PPC accounts in many verticals for companies in various growth stages, we can affirm with conviction that most of the time, a PPC audit generates a terrific return on investment and produces a good amount of insights for the company. Sometimes, most companies don’t even know that the market changes can be spotted ahead of the time, just by doing a paid search audit.

How long will it take to receive my PPC audit?

Our turnaround times depend on multiple factors: complexity and size of your account, the volume of work in the pipeline and your availability for an after-audit call to discuss our findings.