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Google Ad Grants management, Data Visualization, Landing Page

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About the company

Since 1997, Sustainable Harvest International partners with families in Central America to preserve the environment and improve their well-being through sustainable farming. The organization’s goal is to use economic responsibility to curb environmental degradation, providing practical training in sustainable farming methods.

Sustainable Harvest International has programs in three Central American countries, having already worked with 2,800+ families and planted 4 million trees. Currently, it has a dynamic board of directors, 7 U.S.-based staff, and 24 field staff, but its core is a community of dedicated donors that allow a network of locally-hired field trainers to do their work.

The challenge

Mastering seasonality can be an affliction in any campaign management strategy. For Sustainable Harvest International, it became a critical issue due to its structure and the nature of its programs. Take their campaigns for recruitment, donations, and travel opportunities, for example. Each of those had their own calendar, goals, and sets of keywords. Managing this diversity became a full-time job for the organization’s staff, which had to juggle many tasks and had no significant experience in PPC campaigns.

Another challenge was to increase their performance visibility. To interpret the considerable amount of data generated by their website and their campaigns was a daunting task. The main reason for it was Sustainable Harvest International not consolidating their daily results in one single platform.

The solution

hafferi took over this mandate and delivered a solid strategy to empower Sustainable Harvest International to run their campaigns as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. Moreover, it provided the organization with a more reliable way to assess their digital marketing data. These were the main actions taken:

  • Managing all the client’s Google Ad Grants campaigns for about 2 years;
  • Implementing Google Analytics and creating a dashboard, so all team members could have a single source of truth for data visualization;
  • Creating and managing Facebook campaigns;
  • Developing a landing page for donations.

The results

The partnership between hafferi and Sustainable Harvest International was a resounding success. The organization’s website had a consistent increase in traffic, and its 2015 donation campaign was an undisputed winner. Both partners were able to overcome roadblocks and limitations together, building a lasting relationship and outperforming any previous expectations and goals.

The SEO/SEM work that hafferi did for us over several years was highly valuable. It helped us organize, analyze, and implement strategies that helped our organization reach more people and carry out our mission.

Michele Christle

Communication manager - Sustainable Harvest International