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Blue Bear School of Music


San Francisco, CA, United States


Google Ad Grants management, Data visualization

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About the company

Blue Bear is a nonprofit music school with roots in the bustling early 70’s Bay Area scene. Its mission is to provide affordable, high-quality popular music education to aspiring musicians of all ages and skill levels within a supportive environment. It also provides music education to communities that don’t have any arts programming. In a nutshell, it’s all about changing lives through music.

Blue Bear takes 1000+ students every year for private lessons, group classes, and band workshops. It also provides a wide range of community programs that stem from the desire to revitalize music learning skills via popular genres.

The challenge

Blue Bear was aware of how critical digital marketing is for any organization. They had plans to expand their reach, attracting more students and even opening a second location right across the Bay, in Albany. To support that, Google Ads was pivotal—they just had to find the right experts to work with. Enter hafferi, with the mission of setting up Blue Bear’s digital strategy and laying out a blueprint they could resort to whenever needed.

The main challenge was to set up reports to track key metrics and train the Blue Bear staff on how to analyze data and maintain these reports. This way, they would have a data-driven approach to inform changes to their online presence and reach their audience more effectively.

The solution

hafferi tackled the Blue Bear challenge through a 4-step line of action:


  1. Improving their Google Ad Grants account structure, to drive results by leveraging the resources made available by the program.
  2. Implementing alerts to ensure Blue Bear’s Google Ads comply with the Google Ad Grants policy.
  3. Building a custom dashboard as a tool for reliable data visualization.
  4. Improving their lead tracking through the Mind Body payment platform.

The results

hafferi’s work enabled Blue Bear to expand their reach through their Google Ad account and the Google Ad Grants funds—while providing more accurate tracking of their leads. Besides, Blue Bear also had its own source of trusted information to be shared across the organization with the custom dashboard.

We are a nonprofit music school, and Google ads are an important source of new students for us. Jorge worked with us over several months to greatly improve the effectiveness of our campaigns, to create a dashboard for us to better evaluate our campaigns, and to educate our marketing staff on how to manage and fine-tune our campaigns going forward. After Jorge's extensive work, we have better ads, better data collection, better analysis, and better results. He was knowledgeable, proactive, and he exceeded our hopes for what might be accomplished in working with him. Very highly recommended!

Dennis Criteser

Program Director - Blue Bear School of Music