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Kitchener, ON, Canada


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About the company

Tee Talent Inc. is a custom apparel company based in Kitchener, Ontario, whose purpose is to advocate for the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the workplace. Tee Talent intends to fill its ranks with professionals with disabilities, appraising these people for their skills and, ultimately, proving to the business community that being disabled is not synonymous with talentless. Tee Talent’s services include custom T-shirts, promotional items, graphic design, and public speaking services.

The challenge

Before reaching out to hafferi, Tee Talent gathered all its leads through referrals and social media, which lengthened the road to conversion. They could not afford to see any more potential customers sourcing their custom T-shirts and promotional items from other cities or even the United States. So Tee Talent had one big bottom-of-the-funnel issue to solve: lead conversion was taking too long.

To tackle this, Tee Talent needed to catch ready-to-buy users who needed their products right away. The idea was to be there for these people when they reached out for a solution. Tee Talent intended to address people’s needs at the moment they searched and help them move along the customer journey, increasing loyalty.

The solution

Having this brief in mind, hafferi provided Tee Talent with a custom SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy plan to generate leads. After studying the closest-to-sales keywords that were more relevant to the client, hafferi’s work secured Tee Talent its spot on Google Ads and Bing Ads.

The reason for these picks was evident. On one hand, Google Ads’ massive reach could bring over a decent volume of leads; on the other, bing would decrease the overall cost per acquisition—since this platform proved to be a very efficient conversion tool in Tee Talent’s particular case.

The results

The SEM campaigns crafted by hafferi helped Tee Talent to be visible when its SEO efforts were still in their starting phase, enabling them to do business in the shortest possible term. Through this strategy, Tee Talent significantly increased its visibility in the Guelph-Waterloo-Kitchener area, taking many T-shirt-related business opportunities that typically would end up landing over suppliers in Toronto or the U.S.


Finally, Tee Talent gave its customers one definite reason to be proud of: they were dealing with a local company that drove a strong social impact, helping people with disabilities through employment. This fact is the ultimate evidence that Tee Talent had a full-funnel strategy, starting at awareness and going all the way to conversion, loyalty, and advocacy.

hafferi helped us when we first built our website, suggesting better SEO practices and, later, assisted us in building a strategy for search engines. We were able to save some money and finally saw results in our search engine media campaigns.

Carlos Frederico

Founder - Tee Talent Apparel Inc.