About Us

Our mission

Maximize the impact made by entrepreneurs and brands in society.

We believe companies must step up and go beyond mere transactions. Brands should go for people’s hearts and minds, not just their wallets. We exist to turn nonprofits and socially responsible organizations into more powerful and relevant digital players, providing them with top-notch digital marketing services.

Our story

After ten years in digital advertising, managing accounts across many verticals and businesses of all sizes, I realized something was missing. I felt disheartened by the industry’s profit-oriented logic and even thought of leaving the trade altogether. But instead, I wanted to create something meaningful that my kids would be proud of one day.

Then I came across a video by Simon Sinek entitled “How does the WHY relate to vision?”. For me, it was like a beam of sunlight. It had such a simple, powerful message: find your WHY. Focus on what makes you get up in the morning, and everything else will become clear. And so it did.

I had helped nonprofits and socially responsible organizations in my spare time before. And I’ve always believed that marketing could fundamentally transform people and brands, enabling them to achieve more and become their best selves. Today this is more evident than ever. People buy with their hearts. When they purchase, it’s more than a transaction: it is a vote.

Customers choose brands that align with their beliefs and have a strong sense of community. This way, marketing becomes the engine for growth and citizenship, as I’ve always envisioned. So my WHY was right in front of me. It was all about helping companies become agents of social change while empowering nonprofits by making their messages known to the world.

This is the footprint I want to leave
for generations to come.

Jorge Martins

Founder, hafferi

Our values


Being transparent builds people’s trust and a sense of fulfillment. And with consumers more conscious about their purchase decisions, it also leads to sales increases.


We’re in the same boat as our partners. Neither the agency nor the client will take sole responsibility for tasks or results. Collaborating is the only path to achievement.


We give 10% of billing in services and 1% in cash donations to any charity of your choice.


How do you pick your suppliers? Are you into energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprints? How do you give back to the community? We should all fully commit. There’s no plan B.

We give 10% of billing in services as well as 1% in cash donations to any charity of your choice.

Being generous means not putting oneself first. We go the extra mile in each project.

Who we serve

We aim to work with organizations that want to make a lasting impact on the planet. Our partners may be for-profits with a sense of purpose, nonprofits looking into raising awareness and amassing new contributors, or any group or association that feels they should play a part in transforming our world and society for the better.

Brands and causes we’re particularly interested in:

  • Fair-trade product stores
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Local product stores
  • Educational products and services
  • Poverty-alleviation products and services
  • Buy one, give one stores

What we offer

We offer our clients knowledgeable, top-notch digital marketing services.


Our work in SEM—Search Engine Marketing, or pay-per-click advertising (PPC)—will connect you with audiences wherever they are.


Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we’ll organically raise your brand’s relevance on Google and other platforms.


We can build you a performing website by developing WordPress and attracting viewers by creating and promoting engaging, meaningful content marketing.

What we’ve achieved

Our past and present work provide testimony of our successful history. We’ve been able to build solid collaborations with fantastic results and the promise of even more remarkable future achievements. Take a look at some of the work we are most proud of: