White Label PPC services for agencies

Ongoing campaign management

You may be a digital marketing agency and a very good one, but you don’t master every aspect of the business. Or maybe you don’t have the means to deliver all kinds of campaigns to clients.
It happens a lot with pay-per-click advertising (PPC). Many agencies lack the expertise to run PPC campaigns, don’t have time to do this work, or lack resources – people – for a good job. In the end, you’ll probably decide not to do PPC since you can’t commit to excellent results.
But here’s news for you: you can have no expertise, no time, and no people and still make money out of PPC. How is that? The answer is White Label PPC.

You may have heard of the white label before: it is a product or service produced by one company (the producer) that another company (the marketer) rebrands to make it look like they made it. Through White Label PPC, you can have the producer run campaigns, create reports and provide consultancy for your clients through your agency brand while focusing on your strong suits.
If your clients need PPC campaigns, trust the experts to deliver them all to you.
We’re White Label PPC experts. We can help you with that.

  • Add Expertise to your portfolio
  • Unleash recurring revenue
  • Reduce payroll costs
  • Flexible contract
  • Ensure client retention
  • In-house PPC services
  • Save time & resources
  • White label reports
  • Website & call tracking
  • Account audit
  • Transparent billing
  • Quick turnaround
  • Scalability & flexibility

You add expertise to your portfolio

You don’t need to spend time or money trying to become an expert in a new field. Our White Label PPC for agencies leverage our expertise to provide your agency with the best PPC work your clients can have, so you can focus your resources on what you already do best.

You unleash recurring revenue

Adding in-house PPC to your portfolio means hiring, training, and dealing with learning curves–in other words, it costs money. Our White Label PPC services are a hands-off, ready-to-go solution that brings recurring revenue to your agency. Create value, free of hassle.

You reduce your payroll costs

Outsourcing your PPC services is an effective way of reducing payroll costs and driving incomparable ROI. Our White Label PPC management provides you with that and more: serving clients with PPC through your brand. Have the benefits of outsourcing, just like it’s in-house.

You’re free to pull the plug, no penalties

Clients come, and clients go. This is how it is. And this is why we’ll set you up with a short-term contract. If you intend to end it, all we need is a 30-day notice, with no penalties or extra fees. After all, we’re partners. We know clients can pull the plug at any time. We won’t penalize you. We won’t force you into anything.

You ensure client retention & fidelity

It hurts saying ‘no’ to clients. Besides handing them over to other agencies to have the services you don’t provide, you may be risking the business you already have. When you offer PPC, you retain your clients, go out for new ones, and keep the competition away.

You benefit from our in-house PPC solutions

You may be outsourcing your PPC services through us, but we will never outsource it for you. Our PPC work is done exclusively by our in-house team, ensuring maximum control over the output and top-notch quality on the follow-up. For us, control means excellence.

You save precious time & resources

Maybe you already offer PPC in your agency but lack the time and resources to deliver it to new clients. This is where our White Label PPC management services kick in. We provide a shortcut to services you can’t handle, driving client retention and business scalability.

You get white label performance reports

Your clients deserve automated, customizable dashboards to track results for their PPC campaigns with precision and efficiency. Our white label PPC covers that: we generate reports on-demand, providing data for your BI team that also matches your branding.

You can pick us for website and call tracking

Sometimes your PPC campaigns demand more than just managing ads. Do you need a hand tracking customer’s calls or form submissions? We got you. Let’s talk about your needs and discuss what we can do to deliver an even more far-reaching PPC service.

You have access to detailed billing, with all transparency

Transparency is a big thing for us. Our billing portal provides you real-time details for every single hour billed for each one of your clients, down to the task level.

You have an open channel with us - and unrivalled turnaround times

Our white label PPC is a hands-off solution for you, but for us, it’s fully hands-on. Our personalized support is available any time, be it on Zoom, Slack, phone, or text. Besides, we guarantee a 1-3 day turnaround, from signup to full campaign build. Try and beat that!

White Label PPC Pricing

Ongoing White Label PPC management

White Label PPC management - Monthly subscription

hour per month
  • Enter the number of monthly hours on the checkout page.
  • Subscriptions start upon payment confirmation and renew automatically in 30 days.
  • In the customer portal, you can view your subscriptions, download receipts, update credit card details and cancel your subscription.
  • You can cancel your subscription any time (the subscription will end at the end of the 30-day cycle).
  • If you want to be billed in a currency other than CAD (Canadian dollar), send us an e-mail once your subscription is confirmed. Available currencies: AUD, BRL, EUR, GBP, USD and ZAR.
    Payments can only be made online, through credit cards.

White label PPC F.A.Q

Which white label PPC services do you offer?

We offer the following white label PPC services: search campaigns, display campaigns, video campaigns, and social media campaigns – setup and account management for any of these types of campaigns.

Why outsource PPC management?

Check the pricing table here above for the current prices.

How do you normally charge for a white label PPC management?

We bill based on a monthly based for recurring clients. Every mandate starts with a contract and NDA signed by both parties.

How do you bill for your white label PPC services?

How much does it cost to hire a Google Ads expert?

A Google Ads expert cost between $50 and $150 per hour. Prices will depend on location, seniority level and many other factors.

How do I outsource Google Ads?

To outsource your Google Ads, you should first know what you’re looking for: are you looking to free up time from your team? Avoid missing an opportunity? Or do you want to add new expertise? Be clear about your goal.

Secondly, define your outsourcing budget. Consider that very little training will be needed from an expert and some of the tools he can provide himself. Also, consider the opportunity cost of what you’re outsourcing. Research the market for the best professional and best price for your case.