5 reasons to bid on your own brand terms


    If you are an advertiser, your biggest fear is that your competitors are bidding on your own brand terms in order to get their ads to show up higher in paid search results. These disruptive behaviours can result in lost sales for you or your company. To protect against these undesirable behaviours, it’s important that you bid on your own brand terms. There are five distinct reasons why this is a wise choice.

    Reason 1: Protect against the competition

    If you’re a business owner and advertiser, you’ve likely noticed that your competitors are bidding on your brand terms to get their ads higher in paid search results. That’s not good for business. It can hurt customer loyalty and ultimately result in lost sales for you or your company. You should never let your competitors do this to you. Instead, you can take matters into your own hands by bidding on your own brand in Google Ads, which will help protect your brand against this type of undesirable behaviour.

    Reason 2: Control your message

    Naturally, there are many benefits to having Google Ads control the ads that pop up on your searches. It’s easy to forget that it’s not always good when they decide what you see in your search results. To counter this, write a top-notch ad with your desired headline and stick it in the first position of search results. You can then use that ad as your test audience. Make sure you tweak the copy, the image extension, the calls to action, and anything else that makes it a masterwork. This way, you’ll know exactly what message is getting to your audience without worrying about what Google Ads will say with their automated ad writing platform.

    Reason 3: Get information about the keywords

    Google search ads are an underused tool for market research. You can, for example, find which queries lead to more clicks and conversions to your brand. With that information in mind, you can fine-tune your overall brand message.

    Reason 4: Secure conversions at the final step

    For a lot of industries, competition is fierce. After investing a lot of money in generic keywords, you should also protect your brand’s top position for your brand query when your prospects are in their final steps to convert. Taking this final step is a big deal, so you should take caution to ensure that you’ll convert as much as possible.

    Reason 5: Push new products or services

    This is related to reason 2: because you can control your message on search ads, you can try to push a new product or service when prospects look for your brand. For example, you can talk about a new product collection, and inform your clients that you just moved to a new location and is now covering a new area. You can also talk about new products and services that you’re planning to introduce in the near future.

    And you? Are you bidding on your own brand terms? Let us know more.

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