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A nonprofit social media calendar is fundamental to any organization that connects with audiences through social media. By doing it, you have weeks or months to plan posts and campaigns for special dates, avoiding the disorderly rush of creating them at the last minute. This logic makes calendars a cost-effective way of reaching people through topics that resonate with them.

Setting up your nonprofit social media calendar is a strategic way to have people respond to what moves them the most—and this is why it’s so critical for nonprofits to use this tool. Nonprofits rely heavily on social media’s engaging power to raise awareness of their causes and amass new volunteers and donors. In short, a well-structured editorial calendar is an efficient way for nonprofits to do good.

What’s inside the nonprofit content calendar?

Special dates exist for many reasons. They can celebrate significant human achievements or shed light on some of the world’s problems. They can educate people about the struggles others face or merely be an opportunity to share a moment with our loved ones. These days have one thing in common: they remind us of what makes us not only humans but also humankind.

Here’s what you have when you use our social media calendar for nonprofits:

  • Our social media calendar in PDF format
  • Special dates to engage with your audience
  • The best hashtags to go with your dates

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