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About the company

New Voters is a student-run 501(c)3 founded in 2018 with the mission of registering the American youth to vote. It wants to enable young people—regardless of their views—to be politically active and express their viewpoints by voting. It empowers high school student leaders to run registration drives through a college student mentorship model.

In its first year, New Voters registered over 7,000 students to vote. Now it reaches over 100 chapters in 27 states across the US.

The challenge

One of New Voters’ goals is to scale operations and include hundreds of high school and college chapters across all 50 states in America. But while New Voters already has some significant reach, it still needed to raise awareness, gain territory and promote its opportunities. For this, they relied on Google Ads and its power to drive traffic on search engines. What’s more, New Voters has a Google Ad Grants award that expands their spending limits on the platform, maximizing their chance of reaching their audience.

But how could this potential be leveraged without knowing how to explore these tools best? That is where hafferi steps in, providing expert guidance to use these powerful resources and taking New Voters to the next level.

The solution

hafferi had a good starting point: New Voters already had a Google Ads account and a website. Given that, most of the work relied on finding ways to meet the mandate and make the best out of the Google Ad Grants funds—and this is how we made it:

  1. Setting up Google Ad Grants to run campaigns efficiently, reaching the right audience.
  2. Integrating Google Ads and Google Analytics for a more detailed look into metrics and performance.
  3. Training staff on how to monitor performance and update Google Ads.
  4. Creating a customized, automated dashboard that generates weekly reports.
  5. Be proactive in complying with Google Ad Grant’s policy—for example, developing a script that fires alerts to New Voters’ staff when ads have non-compliant elements and calling for immediate action to fix them.

The results

New Voters’ mandate was successfully met, including some additional actions that were not mandatory, such as integrating Google Ads and Google Analytics. In terms of metrics, New Voters’ online traffic doubled after hafferi took the job.

Besides, the campaign results prompted the Google Ad Grant team to send an email congratulating hafferi for its work and commanding New Voters for its mission of inspiring the American youth to vote. The Google Ad Grant team also committed itself to provide an extra budget in the lead-up to the 2020 election if more funds are needed.

It was a joy and easy to work with Jorge. He gave us—members of the entire youth-run non-profit New Voters— all the tools we needed to manage the account in the future with an unparalleled degree of professionalism, expertise, and understanding.

Anna Patchefsky

New Voters